Professional / Clinical Supervision Service

For Occupational therapists in all settings, and in mental health practice.  

Supervision also for other mental health clinicians and workers.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical and professional supervision is an opportunity to reflect on priorities, ensure ongoing professional development and work on your own development plans and goals for the future.

Clinical and Professional Supervision separate from line management is the gold standard in health professional practice and supports the professional as a lifelong learner.

It can be particularly important where the employer does not have an inbuilt system of senior clinical or professional support and supervision for employees.

Dene draws on many years experience supervising occupational therapists and other clinicians in a range of settings. Her clinical training in psychotherapy, group therapy, CBT and narrative therapy, together with Occupational Therapy skills, and broad experience dealing with a range of stakeholders/employers and management structures makes her a valuable resource for supervisees.

Employers of both large and small organisations frequently make a commitment to their staff to fund professional supervision outside the organisation, so you may wish to discuss with your employer and see if this is an option for you.

Professional Supervision may be used by the supervisee towards the required CPD for annual professional registration through AHPRA.

Rates for professional supervision can be charged directly to the employer or the supervisee depending on circumstances.

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