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Getting assistance

Getting the best service for an individual depends on the individual themselves and the approach of the particular therapist they choose. OT ‘s focus on how activity/ occupation enhances health and wellbeing in all spheres and roles of a person’s life. 

At Therapie mental health and OT Services each client is an individual with biopsychosocial complexities living within a community and wider social context. Mental health is not just about psychological functioning, but is interdependent on multiple facets of a person’s life. My approach is to consider the person’s distress in their own context and find a way to help.

Therapie mental health and OT Services can work with you if you are a Self Managed or Plan Managed participant with the NDIS.  Fees for services are at the NDIS approved rate.

Functional Capacity Assessments and follow up.

This can include home-based assessment, identification of needs and arrangement/ provision of these. Individualised treatment packages are available for 6-10 sessions, with a review of goals at the end.

Health and Wellbeing interventions are also available, based on assessment of needs with a tailored program of treatment sessions to suit the individual and personalized goals.

 A Managing at Work program is available for NDIS clients, covering both the physical and emotional needs of an individual within their work environment.

A Social and Community Participation program is available, helping NDIS clients link in with their preferred goals and community options.

A Health and Wellbeing Program is available, helping you to maintain your optimum self care needs.

Distress has a combination of physical, emotional psychological social and environmental aspects. It stops people being able to connect with the things they want to do.

Therapie uses strategies from CBT , ACT, Narrative Therapy and a trauma informed approach to assist in managing day to day goals. Helping someone connect with meaningful activities is a primary goal of Therapie mental health and OT Services.

Distress management includes identifying a range of personalised sensory strategies to alleviate distress, and implementing a safety plan. 

For chronic pain management, literature indicates best practice involves a multi-disciplinarly team oriented approach, of which OT is often a component. Occupational therapy considers the impact of pain on chosen life activities and takes a functional goal setting approach to graded return to activity. Physical, psychological and emotional issues overlap in the experience of chronic pain.

Occupational therapy is a highly regarded allied health profession. Therapists in Australia are registered annually and are required to maintain currency through ongoing professional development in order to maintain their registration.

(Go to www.occupationaltherapyboard.gov.au for more information) OT’s specialising in psychologically oriented interventions and mental health issues who provide services under Medicare are specially accredited to do so through the professional association, OT Australia.

The profession of occupational therapy was founded in the treatment area of mental health at the beginning of the 20th Century, when it was recognized that personally meaningful activity led to positive health outcomes, a principle which is a fundamental continuing centrepoint of the profession, no matter what area of health the therapist works within.

(Go to http://www.ausot.com.au/ for more information)