Professional Supervision and Mentoring for clinicians

Mental Health interventions OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY practice

Clinical service for psychosocial/ mental health conditions which impact negatively on day to day routines and roles. We use a range of evidence based approaches to help a person cope and manage their particular set of circumstances.

Supervision on a mental health perspective to treatment for OT’s, OT’s specialising in mental health, other mental health clinicians, and other workers. 

Telehealth and telesupervision Face to face consultations as available

Specialising in clinical services for

  • anxiety / depression and related high prevalence disorders
  • other mental health conditions
  • chronic pain (CBT approach)
  • chronic illness self management.
  • OT Functional Assessments 


  • PLUS
  • Professional Supervision for occupational therapists, mental health clinicians and others

dene iwanicki

principal occupational therapist 


Bachelor Applied Science in Occupational Therapy

Certificate Group Psychotherapy 

Graduate Diploma Womens StudiesGraduate Diploma Narrative Therapy 

Masters Mental Health Sciences, CBT 

For many years Dene has run a mental health focussed private practice in Adelaide, working from GP surgeries and specialist rooms. She sees people for depression, anxiety, and a CBT approach to pain and chronic condition management as well as other mental health conditions and issues.

Dene has worked in various mental health services in SA and the UK, across community settings and teams. Over the years, Dene has been active in promoting the importance and value of mental health oriented OT services, having a presence on advisory groups for national developments in mental health. She is currently on the National Mental Health Reference Group for OT Australia (the peak body representing Occupational Therapy in Australia).

Clinical Services: 

The aim is to help you live the kind of life you want by targeting the things that are getting in your way:

  • Eg.
  • Depression/ anxiety/ other mental health issues/  or stress
  • Physical pain
  • fatigue
  • Environmental factors
  • The impact of a chronic condition

As well as using standard techniques in psychologically focussed treatment, an occupational therapist considers the impact of problems on your daily activities and life. The therapist works with you to rebuild meaning in your life and achieve your personal goals.

Geraldine (Dene) Iwanicki Registered OT I Mental Health Clinician I Professional Supervisor

How to Book

Your GP can refer you to Therapie, and advise about whether Medicare or insurance options are available to you.

If you are Plan Managed or Self Managed under NDIS ask your Support Co-ordinator to refer you. 

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